King Juan Carlos denies being Alejandra’s father: “It is not true that he has a daughter”

This Thursday the journalists José María Olmo and David Fernández have advanced the investigative work that they reflect in their book, King Corp. The untold empire of Juan Carlos I, and which is published on May 8. In it, they assure that the emeritus would have a secret daughter named Alejandra who was born after the Infanta Cristina, the Infanta Elena and Felipe VI.

Hours after incessant information in this regard, Doña Sofía’s husband has taken the floor and has denied said information in The world: “It is not true that I have a daughter.”

The information published a few hours ago in The confidential He claimed that she was a woman born into an aristocratic family, but did not give details about her last names or other relationships. However, different journalists and media have published that she could be Alejandra de Rojas, cousin of María Palacios (Alessandro Lequio’s wife), who is married to a nephew of Esperanza Aguirre, Beltrán Cavero.

De Rojas was born 43 years ago in the bosom of the couple formed by Charo Palacios, who was Elio Bernhayer’s favorite model and muse, and Eduardo de Rojas Ordóñez, the fifth Count of Montarco, founder of the Falange together with José Antonio Primo de Rivera. .

As we have published, family sources close to Alejandra herself and the Countess of Montarco, who died in November 2016, also assure Informalia that the aristocrat “is not the daughter of don Juan Carlos”, although they admit that “it is true that Charo had the king as one of her lovers and that she even boasted about it on occasions”, as we have already said. So much so that the very same Infanta Margarita, little sister of the emeritus and friend of the supposed lover of Don Juan Carlos, came to ask him to shut her mouth.

They also tell us that Alejandra Rojas “always knew that her father was not her biological father,” but they attribute that paternity to a “handsome lover of Charo, very good-looking and of Portuguese nationality,” they add.