Kiko Rivera starts exercising after his great health scare: “Dear young people, excesses are not good”

It is not the first time that he has proposed to lead a new life marked by exercise and healthy eating. However, after the last big health scare he has suffered, Kiko Rivera he has gotten serious again with the sport. Proof of this, the video that he shared early this Wednesday on his Instagram profile.

After a catheterization was performed this Monday, Kiko went for a walk and jogged in the vicinity of his home in Castilleja de la Cuesta: “Good morning, family. Following the doctor’s instructions, we went for a walk. In the morning because otherwise in Seville it’s too hot to die for. And here we are. To take care of ourselves and continue with a lot of life. Good morning, I love you.”

During the walk, the little soul has also taken the opportunity to respond to the criticism he received after his last publication, in which he updated his state of health and charged against Telecinco: “I am realizing that people know very well what to do with your life, but they have no fucking idea what to do with theirs. Very curious.”

After a walk, Isabel Pantoja’s son was encouraged by speed: “We are going to jog these last 20 minutes, we are going to put that heart in conditions that we have punished it a lot and, dear young people, excesses are not good. I am not the best person to say it, but I am suffering from it. So take care of yourselves, I love you”.

Once home, he explained: “I’m already home. First day. Sport over. Now yes, already showered. Fresh. With a glass of fresh milk and nothing, to continue the day, a big hug. I love you. ”

After urgently entering the Seville hospital last Saturday and undergoing a catheterization this Monday, the DJ received a medical discharge this Tuesday, July 18 and is already continuing his recovery at home. his wife, Irene Rosales, has not been separated from him for a minute and was in charge of driving the car that took him to his home. At her house, her two daughters were waiting for him with open arms. Charlotte y Well.

Kiko’s hospital admission also led to a rapprochement with his mother, whom he had not seen for almost two years. The tonadillera went to the center this Monday to accompany her son before and after her intervention and he publicly thanked her for the support and apologized for everything that happened: “Thank you mom for coming to see me, for spending that afternoon together that for us It was so necessary. Sorry, sorry for the ways, sorry for not knowing how to control myself and losing my temper in a way that does not characterize me. My heart needs to heal and for that I need you all and that’s how it will be.” It is not the only great health scare that has taken place in recent times. It must be remembered that in October of last year she suffered a mild stroke.