Kiko Rivera gets on his mother’s car and negotiates to tear her apart in an exclusive after Pantoja’s gig in Monaco

Kiko Rivera He has been silent for many months and silence in the case of the son of Isabel Pantoja it is directly proportional to the size of your checking account. Being without talking about your life and without messing with anyone can be a delight for the Spanish but it is not profitable. The tsunami caused by her mother’s gig in Monaco and the cover of Hola where he announced that he would go to dance of the rose They come in handy to resume his lucrative habit of insulting his family in exchange for money.

It is also true that at the time he made a lot of money and it is likely that he did not go hungry. Putting his mother and her sister Isa to give birth, first in Lectures and later on Telecinco, where he did several specials, it was super profitable. But now, perhaps because her money is running out or she is unable to pass up the opportunity to earn some extra money after Isabel Pantoja’s stellar appearance in public life at the Rose Ball in Monaco.

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As we have learned, Kiko is pulling his strings to try to place an interview in magazines and programs. But she’s running into trouble. After the latest exclusives of her lashing out at her mother and her sister, in which she shamelessly lied, her image is on the ground and there are not many directors who believe in him.

In addition, it is banned in Mediaset And they can’t even pronounce his name. For ero, what he says does not have much travel. Hence, in economic terms, what he charged before for some statements has dropped in price. Even so, Kiko is clear about it. The opportunity must not be missed.

After his stroke last October, he leads a less restless life, almost locked up in his house in Seville, taking care of himself and exercising, but he has barely been able to work. Irene, his wife, has not appeared on any set again after leaving the television program. Emma Garcia weekends. Things are not working financially for them as before, although Kiko has just released a new song. Maybe she should take out one in Shakira-style revenge mode, but against her mother or her sister. She won’t have thought of it.

Kiko has always lived off the popularity that being the son of Isabel Pantoja. That is why he has done exclusives, interviews on programs, and even gigs in different towns that have brought him millionaire figures, as he himself has told. But in the same way that he has earned it, he has melted it down in vices, partying and whatever he wanted.

Irene’s appearance in his life was decisive. She helped him get out of everything even though they have experienced turbulent moments and innumerable crises. Now it seems that they are in a sweet stage despite Kiko’s confrontation with her entire family: her mother, her sister and even her brother Francisco Rivera. With the only one who keeps the good vibes is with Cayetano.

Isabel Pantoja has avoided answering him since Hola, and the Monaco gig has been sought to give content to its exclusive without feeding the monster. But she is very hurt and she is not one of those who gives her arm to twist easily; much less now that it is her time. In fact, Kiko has said that, despite wanting to reconcile with her, Pantoja has not paid any attention to him; she has not gone to see him, nor has she called her granddaughters, nor has she promoted any approach to resolve the issue of the inheritance, which she goes through to sell Cantora.

What’s more, when a buyer has appeared, they have even put up obstacles. Uncle Agustin It has also had a lot to do with it. Who knows if perhaps now that Isabel has returned to public life and is closing concerts she will change her mind. At the moment, in her first interview, the real news is that she does not talk about her children.