This Friday, November 25, the father of Anabel Pantoja, Bernardoat the age of 69 after not overcoming the health complications derived from his diabetes that have made him go to the hospital on several occasions.

In the last hours, the brother of the singer was surrounded by his wife, Rushfor their own Isabeland, of course, his daughter. Kiko RiveraFor his part, he has said goodbye to his uncle with a very special image.

“Rest in peace, tito,” the DJ wrote on Instagram, accompanying his goodbye with a photo of Bernardo and his father Paquirri holding him in his arms on the day of his baptism.

“Bernardo had been admitted for three months. We were all aware of his condition and Anabel has been very attentive. He has had days to be with his father and take turns with the people who have been there,” he said. One Pantoja in The Ana Rosa Program.

Anabel has received criticism on occasion for not being with him at delicate moments. The relationship between the two has not always been good and has been marked by lights, shadows and distances. However, Isabel’s niece has turned to him in the last stretch of her life. The same has happened with the artist, who had a distant relationship with her brother in recent years. The family also mourned the loss of the matriarch, miss Anain September of last year.

About the alleged vetoes of the Pantoja clan another part of the family such as Junco herself, Bernardo’s wife, or Sylvia, her cousin, Isa Pi has denied that it is true: “I am sure that when a person is in the hospital and has a few hours left… I very much doubt that Anabel or my mother have prohibited someone from entering, let alone Junco, who has been there all these years.” The daughter of the tonadillera has not yet been able to offer her condolences to her mother or her cousin: “I have called my mother, she does not pick up the phone, and neither does Anabel. I have spoken with Anabel’s mother. I came on the train and I found out an hour, an hour and a half ago.”