Kiko Rivera and his devastating message against his sick mother, Isabel Pantoja: “Divine justice”

Last Friday, days after announcing the cancellation of her concert in Valladolid for health reasons – allegedly due to ‘exhaustion’ – Isabel Pantoja was admitted to a hospital in Córdoba accompanied by her brother Agustín. Hours later, and after undergoing several tests, she was discharged and returned to Cantora, where she has been resting ever since.

An admission that has raised alarm bells about the possible seriousness of the artist’s health. There has been a lot of information in the last few hours about the illness she is suffering from and for which, it is speculated, she could be operated on at any moment.

A very serious issue about which neither Paquirri’s widow nor her entourage have revealed any details, and which has caused Anabel Pantoja to explode in front of the cameras, who, recognising that it is a “very sensitive” issue, has asked for respect for her aunt’s privacy.

Coinciding with this important health setback for Isabel, and after Antonio Rossi revealed on ‘Vamos a ver’ that while in the hospital the artist asked her brother to call her children if she finally went into surgery – something that ultimately did not happen, so Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja were not notified – the DJ has published a devastating reflection on social networks.

Away from the spotlight and controversy for months, the artist’s son has shared a message through his Instagram stories in which many have seen a clear indirect message to his mother at her worst moment: “Anyone who does wrong, will end up doing badly. Things may turn out the way they planned at first, but sooner or later God will take his toll, because divine justice is something no one can escape.” A text to which Kiko has added a revealing “amen.”

It is unclear whether these words are directed at Pantoja or if they are simply a coincidence and the DJ has shared them with his more than one million followers on social networks without being aware of the delicate state of health that his mother is going through.