Save me It has been experiencing an audience crisis for almost two years, but its data began to improve after the announcement and confirmation that Mediaset would cancel the program. Next June 23 will be the last day of this space that has marked an entire era on television.

This Friday, June 2, almost twenty days before the end of the program, they broadcast one of their great days: the wedding of Kiko Matamoros (66) with the model Marta Lopez Alamo (26) in the Basilica of San Miguel (Madrid). The program recorded the entrance of the couple to the Church and also the exit. Later, the recently become husband and wife moved with their guests to the Ritz Hotel, where they celebrated the banquet with dinner by chef Quique Dacosta.

The María Patiño and Terelu Campos program obtained 10.5% of share in its Lemon edition and rose to 15.7% in the Orange edition, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In this last strip, they rose 1.8 points.

Antena 3, on the other hand, achieved 10.6% of the share con Love is forever and 12.6% with Original sin. The 1, reached with The promise 11% and with Ladies’ paradise and 5.7%.

Coinciding with the announcement of his goodbye on May 5, Save me It began to gain momentum, even achieving the best odds in the Orange edition so far in 2023.

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In addition, once again, the afternoon program was once again fed by the lives of its own collaborators and commentators. The format is unique when it comes to building its rundown around its own characters, and it demonstrated it once again.

As to Deluxe Fridaywhich returned to the screens after broadcasting last week the last save me fashion week, also achieved a comeback of +1.5 points. However, with the 11.9% share that it reached, it failed to surpass the unbeatable Your face is familiar to me (17,7%).