Kiko Matamoros denies atheism to marry in the Church

God becomes his shepherd again, religion enters his life again. Gone is absolute atheism, that which denies the existence of deities. Kiko Matamoros He admits that he has recovered his faith, but he is silent that his girlfriend is to blame for it, Marta Lopez Alamo, who has asked her to have her wedding in the Church. If it were up to him, that wedding, which will take place in a Madrid temple on June 2, would be civil.

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The ceremony will be held at the Basilica of San Miguel, in Madrid de los Austrias, and the wedding reception at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel. It is the insistence of Marta, who is a very believing woman, which has made her reconsider and reconcile with the Catholic religion, God, the Virgin Mary and the heavenly Court.

These days, Kiko and his girlfriend are in Dubai, where she attends to various engagements for her modeling profession and he dedicates himself to a contemplative life and enjoying the luxuries of the emirate. On Tuesday, December 20, they will be back in Madrid to spend Christmas with the family.

Soon, Matamoros will return to his job as a talk show host on the program Save mewhere it is one of the most controversial and conflictive.