The chatter of Save me and the model will say “yes, I want” this Friday, June 2. They will do it in the Pontifical Basilica of San Miguel, in Madrid, although this will not be the first time they see each other with their brand new wedding dresses. And it is that Kiko Matamoros (66) y Marta Lopez Alamo (26) have gone through the lining that ‘seeing the bride before the wedding brings bad luck’ and they have anticipated those who could spoil the exclusive by advancing their pose to this Wednesday.

We will see Makoke’s ex and the mannequin in wedding dresses on the cover of a magazine two days before their wedding, an unprecedented strategy so far. The reason is none other than the walk that both must do from the hotel where they will get dressed to the church: Impossible to avoid the paparazzi. The solution has been to advance the nuptial posing, something that has left Kiko Matamoros’s colleagues speechless in Save me: “I find it super ridiculous,” he said bethlehem esteban. “To get married like this, do it on a private estate. You have to leave earlier to cover the exclusive when the bride is going to wear three suits…”.

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Indeed, the bride will wear three dresses on her wedding day: one for the church, another for the banquet and another for the party. We sense that the look that she will wear this Wednesday in advance will be the first and she will leave the other two for the second installment of the exclusive.

Kiko and Marta will celebrate the party at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel, in the center of Madrid, which requires etiquette (tuxedo for men) from the 240 wedding guests, 120 for each party. “This is my third wedding, but that’s not why it’s the least important. In fact, it’s the most. I don’t know how long it will last but it’s the wedding of my life, the one I’ve always wanted and it comes at the best time” , said the tertullian in Hola. Marta, like a good newcomer, is like a flan: “It’s the first time for me and I’m very nervous. I’m afraid of falling down the church stairs and stuff.”