Kiko Hernandez y Fran Antón They are already on their honeymoon after saying “I do” this Saturday, September 16 in Melilla. After selling his wedding to a weekly newspaper, the former collaborator of Save me and the actor have headed to an unknown destination to celebrate their first weeks as married men.

“Happy with everything! Now it’s time to rest, enjoy and disconnect… Today is the first day,” he wrote on Monday afternoon in Instagram stories. Along with these words, a photograph from the plane.

The two have sold their wedding to Readingsmagazine for which they posed on the cover with Lara Dibildos, Marta Lopez y Lydia Lozano. Other well-known faces such as Belen Esteban o Jorge Javier Vazquez. The latter gave birth to Kiko in the same magazine, for which the presenter works: “Kiko got married and I have not gone to her wedding. In fact, I have not spoken to him since he told Save me that he is with Fran Antón and that he has always been gay.

The presenter of Chinese Stories He is deeply disappointed in him because Kiko did not call him in person to invite him to her wedding. He also feels “cheated” because during all the time they shared space on a set he was never able to tell her that he liked men.

What a shitty relationship Kiko and I have had such that at no time in twenty years has he found the opportunity to open up to me (…) I imagined that I was leading a double life full of pleasures and debauchery and then I became a little more crazy because, it’s time to say it, I felt cheated”.

For Kiko, on the other hand, at the moment everything is happiness. In her exclusive checkout, she said about whether they got married due to separation of property: “I swear to God that I don’t know (…) Well, it will be in marital property, I don’t care.” The former Telecinco collaborator, who is now making the leap to Netflix, was one of the most reserved with his private life in the emblematic Telecinco format. However, in the final stretch of the program he came out of the closet with a historic pulp.