the war between Chayo Mohedano y Kiko Hernandez seems to have no end. It is evident that they cannot stand each other and it is becoming more and more evident. For a long time, the former Big Brother contestant has fired without mercy against the niece of Rocio Jurado, He has laughed at her and has even made fun of her wanting to be a singer, which has cost her more than one lawsuit. But now it seems that things have changed.

A few days after turning 44, Chayo looks much stronger both emotionally and professionally, she stands up to Kiko, who is silent, because she cannot talk about her because of Mediaset’s veto of some characters, including the cousin of Rocio Carrasco, like almost all his family.

But this time is different. A few days ago, the daughter of rose benedict had a little chat in twitter con Michael Early which could be very expensive. He paparazzovery angry with Kiko Hernández because in an event he vetoed colleagues from the press and did not let them work, he sent a message to the singer: “Rosario, Chayo, each pig gets its San Martín. Thank God the chain is going to clean up and they will be left without support, alone and loaded. Kisses and congratulations on your ability to put up with this and other HDLGP,” the note read.

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Rosario, who is very active in networks, has not been slow to answer referring to Kiko Hernández: “There you have the number one public abuser. Awarded for mistreating and in children’s hours every day for more than ten years. Thank goodness I have professionalism and I was able to overcome it”, replied the daughter of Amador Mohedano publicly.

Well, these words crossing out the partner of Jorge Javier Vazquez of “abuser” can be very expensive for the niece. As we have learned, Kiko is not willing to let it go. And if for years her war has been on the sets, now he is going to be the one who takes her to court. He considers that what he has said is very serious and he is not going to leave it like that. So he has put the issue in the hands of his lawyer so that he can take the measures he deems appropriate. at least like that He has told some of his fellow program members.

Kiko lives a happy personal moment next to his friend Fran Antón, as we already anticipated in this portal, but professionally, he could be on a tightrope, like the rest of his classmates. Save me. The latest audience data, from this Friday, shows a very dangerous figure: They do not reach a million viewers.

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In any case, after leaving Basil and the changes that the new directive is preparing, the space in which a chair occupies Kiko Hernandez for more than ten years his days could be numbered. In fact, there are those who say that it will not last the summer, with which he could be left without a job on TV. Thus, the one who was a contestant of Big Brother He is looking for alternatives, although many say that with the real estate assets he has created over the years at Mediaset he could live without working.

Chayo, for his part, lives a sweet moment regarding his career. After suing the space of The TV Factory On several occasions, as did her husband, she managed to stop talking about her and her work, in addition to getting good money after agreeing to one of their issues in court.

Now just reissued the song what are you about, in whose clip he has the support of his cousin Glory Camilla and criticizes her cousin, Rocio Carrasco and calls cretins those who publicly vilified her and caused her much suffering and sleeplessness. One of them, Kiko Hernandez, that he even dared on one occasion to send a message to the singer warning her that they could take away her son. Something that she made public and, of course, she also prosecuted. Now, it seems that the story will be the other way around.