Keylor Navas was being one of the men of the Champions League. His superb performance against Bayern Munich was key to advancing to the semi-finals. However, his match against Manchester City has put you in the eye of the hurricane. The Costa Rican was not confident on other occasions and some fans and the media point to the two goals conceded. The first is a poisoned center of De Bruyne, which ends up sneaking into the network. The goalkeeper is reproached for not reacting on time, when it was a shipment that did not show a clear auctioneer. The second, although most of the responsibility lies with the barrier that opens, it also touches closely. It is not as resounding a play as that of the first visitor goal, although some viewers believe he could have done more to avoid Mahrez's goal. After the game, the press came to assess what the former Real Madrid's performance had seemed to him:


He scores him with a four, the same note as Neymar and a point above Mbappé. This is how they analyze their game: “Attentive in a stop with the tip of the gloves in a recovery by Bernardo Silva and then in a shot by Foden. Then he put emotion after a failed block. This bad feeling is confirmed in De Bruyne's shipment where the Costa Rican is not clear and is passive. He can hardly do anything in Mahrez's free kick. “In the chronicle, they also make a note about Keylor:” De Bruyne punished that change of luck with a distant center that surprised Navas. “

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Le Parisien

One of the most prestigious media when it comes to information on Paris Saint Germain was very critical of the ex-Madridista. He scored a four in his assessment of the match. It was the worst grade of the whole team: “The Costa Rican had already spent the season with Salvador's team. Vigilante against Silva and especially Foden in the first half, he cracked like the others when he returned from the locker room. The goal conceded by a cross from De Bruyne, which knocked him unconscious, is largely because of him“. The chronicle of the match also refers to the goal that changed the dynamics of the duel:” An almost innocuous shot from De Bruyne was quite badly read by Keylor, a hero in all previous rounds. “

Gazzetta dello Sport

Maybe the Gazzetta be the most critical international media with Keylor. The Italian newspaper believes that he is guilty in the two goals conceded by his own: “De Bruyne, however, in the 64th minute did not make a mistake with a shot … which was not a shot, but a ball distributed in the center of the area, with a trajectory that surpassed all, even the very surprised (and guilty) Navas. At 71 minutes, Manchester City came back to PSG with a free kick from Mahrez: the barrier opened and for Navas it was another joke“.

Daily Mirror

The British newspaper does not make a chapter apart from evaluations of PSG, but it also considers that Pochettino's goalkeeper was not up to the task: “De Bruyne's center eluded everyone, including Keylor Navas“.

Daily Mail

Another of the English media that charges against Keylor's performance. On this occasion, in addition, they pull humor to refer to their action of the first City goal: “Keylor flapped its wings and the defense crumbled. PSG conceded two goals in seven minutes due to dire mistakes“.

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The Guardian

In this case, The Guardian does not hold Keylor responsible. What's more, he praises the scorer: “PSG could feel the test increasingly demanding and saw the air escape after a moment of wit from De Bruyne“. Yes he recriminates the barrier:” Mahrez slipped his free kick through a hole in the defensive wall of PSG. “


Along the same lines as The Guardian, blames all blame on the barrier and does not mention Keylor's responsibility for the first goal. “City win the first leg of the semifinals in Paris, with the help of a curious hole in the PSG barrier in the direct free kick“.

Graphic via BeSoccer.

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