Recently, Kentucky announces the dismiss of the cheerleading coaches after only conveying a serious investigation. They found on the investigation that the staff was overseeing the off-campus events such as hazing, alcohol usage, and public nudity. It was all due to the championship squad that was the main reason for firing the cheerleading squad.

Kentucky Fires Cheerleading Staff

The school did announce that they are firing some of the well-know staff members on Monday. The list includes the head coach Jomo Thompson and assistants Ben Head, Spencer Clan, and Kelsey LaCroix. Kentucky fires them all at once even though they did win 24 national titles in the past 35 years.

In the three months of the investigation period, they also find “lax oversight and poor judgment”. It was none other than the longtime primary advisor T. Lynn Williamson who also happens to be Kentucky’s principal deputy general counsel. Meanwhile, Williamson did retire from the school when the investigation was going on. Williamson did reply negatively when answering the question of having any contact with the squad.

More than 60 people including squad members, coaches, and administrators were a part of the hazing investigation. They found that the incident took place last summer when retreating at the Kentucky lake and cheerleading camp, Tennesse.

Some cheerleaders were doing their gymnastic routines that include splashing the teammates into the water. They call it the “Basket Tosses” in which they were topless or bottomless. But they were always in the sights of some of the cheerleader coaches.

Although the report did not found any sexual assault or sexual misconduct during the trips, it will be bad for everyone. Some cheerleaders at the camp have to perform lewd chants and wear outfits that do not include underwear.

Due to the inappropriate behavior, Kentucky did manage to fire the cheerleader coaches that were the main reason for such humiliating incidents. It was their fault if they knew about it and did not take any action against it. Kentucky wants to maintain respect and will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior.


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