Kathy Harrison
Kathy Harrison

“The Last Dance” is the documentary that most people did watch and love it the most. If you are one of the people who did watch the 10-part documentary series then you may do notice it. The Indiana Pacers fans who happen to have a loud voice and who went viral after the documentary did premiere. Yes, the loud-mouth Pacers fans did get huge popularity after her appearance in the documentary series “The Last Dance” by ESPN.

You will have an interest in knowing the person who did go viral after the appearance in the documentary. On Sunday night, that person was identified and she surely is embracing her fame.

Kathy Harrison Or The Trash Talker

Indiana Pacers fan who was in the documentary “The Last Dance” goes by the beautiful name “Kathy Harrison”. You will be happy to know that WISH-TV in Indianapolis was the one to track her down. Kathy Harrison is the owner of a car dealership namely Ed Martin Nissan. She happens to know about her appearance in the documentary from her various friends and family members.

Kathy Harrison says to WISH, “When they showed me, I was like ‘oh my goodness. Oh dear,’”. She also did mention that she and her husband are always seating behind the visitors’ bench at Pacers game for 44 years.

As you can see in the documentary “The Last Dance”, Kathy Harrison says she loves to trade trash talks with the players. She is a great fan that has been watching the ups and downs of the Pacers team for more than 4 decades.

She adds, “Michael (Jordan) was so totally cool that he would just look at me and shake his head and laugh. But Dennis Rodman and I went at it every series. He and I would go back-and-forth at each other. All in fun, it was nothing mean. He wasn’t mad, I wasn’t mad. I was just pure fun.”

Kathy feels like it is somewhat her responsibility to trash talk with the players. She did manage to maintain a reputation for doing trash talks for many years now.


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