Two-piece navy blue outfit with matching hat. The jacket, with a peplum, goes with the pencil skirt with godets. The Princess of Wales looks perfect. She is wearing a hat, as required by the protocol of the traditional Commonwealth mass, which has been officiated at Westminster Abbey in London. It was this Monday, March 13. As soon as she got out of the car, a strong gust of wind caused the princess to grab her saucer-style hat tightly. She has had to hold her up twice to prevent her from flying off. Camilla has had more problems. The queen consort He has grabbed his hat, his bag and has placed his back to the wind. All protection was little.

It has been a bumpy arrival. The strong gusts of wind that hit the outskirts of Westminster Abbey have caused the royals to take extra precautions so as not to lose their hats, their hairstyles and their looks.

Kate has posed, smiling and luminous, despite having her hand raised that was firmly holding her hat. Guillermo’s wife wore a navy Erdem jacket suit, with a discreet white floral print. The set, which is reversible (in white with a blue flower print) costs 3,000 pounds (3,400 euros), as published by the Daily Mail. She has completed her look with earrings that belonged to Princess Diana of Wales.