Beautiful, empowered and in love. Kate Middleton swept the red carpet at the Bafta with a Awesome bridal-inspired Greek goddess look signed by Alexander McQueen. A 2019 rescue dress that he customized to his liking with some very cinematic gloves from Rita Hayworth inspiration. Upon her arrival at the event, a television camera recorded the affectionate gesture of the Princess of Wales who slapped her husband on the behind. A detail, between complicit laughs, which implicitly carries a message of complicity in through rumors of crisis over the alleged relationship of the son of Charles III con Rose Hanbury, close to Kate. (Photo top left: Instagram Vogue).

Since 2020, when the pandemic broke out, they had not attended Guillermo and his wife to these renowned film awards. The heir, in addition, as honorary president of the association since 2010, has attended the ceremony for the first time as Prince of Wales. London’s Royal Festival Hall, on Southbank, dressed up for the occasion.

Kate’s slight slap on Guillermo’s behind on a red carpet riddled with cameras is not an oversight. It is neither nor does it seem so. Rather, it points to a message of complicity, love and passion. There are no fissures in that marriage, despite rumors of a crisis. This tsunami grew after it was said that the heir would have dined on Valentine’s Day with his alleged lover, Rose Hanbury, with whom he would have had a relationship since 2019. Even some media suggest that Kate would be aware. The princess and Rose were friends, but they broke off their relationship years ago, after the birth of little Louis, William and Kate’s youngest.