Karina, urgently hospitalized for a heart problem

Singer Karina She was urgently admitted to the hospital this Thursday due to a heart problem, according to reports The newspaper. The artist, 78 years old, was going to appear at the 2024 Diversa Awards, but at the last minute she could not attend because she felt unwell.

During the ceremony, it was explained to the guests that Spain’s representative in Eurovision in 1971 had had to be treated for a heart problem and transferred to a hospital in Madrid. At the moment, neither the singer nor her entourage have spoken.

“Finally she had to be admitted to a hospitalas revealed by Juan Boll, director of JN Projects together with Nano García, the communication company that launched these awards, which were held at the VP Plaza de España hotel in Madrid,” the aforementioned media explained at night.

The author of The trunk of memories was going to receive the Diversa de Oro for Lifetime Achievementan award that recognizes his long career, spanning more than 60 years, as well as his support for the LGTBIQ+ group, which this June once again claims its rights.

With more than six decades of experience, Karina is a key figure in the history of the music industry. from this country. Furthermore, in 2019 she increased her popularity by opening an Instagram account and became a revelation on the social network thanks to her encouraging messages and the songs she shared.

The singer presented her new show last January, I am Karina, and before the media he revealed the lights and shadows of his profession. He spoke of the sexual harassment that he suffered in his youth from a superior when he was working on a play, but also of some hardships that he experienced in recent years. A few months ago they cut off his electricity and water because he couldn’t pay the bills.

The artist, whose real name is María Isabel Llaudes Santiago, participated last year in VIP Big Brother and left his famous house in Guadalix de la Sierra last September. “My strength, mentally, is good and I am happy. Logically, I am old and limited, but I have incredible help from all my teammates and mentally I feel good,” she said. “I just want older people not to break down. That we have courage and that we don’t lock ourselves in the house, that we go out into the streets. Of course I feel like it, sweetheart. I’m on blast!”he added to a standing ovation from those present on the set.