María Isabel Llaudes Santiago, better known as Karina, This Sunday he demonstrated his lack of confidence in the production company VIP Big Brother. The singer did not hide her misgivings about the organization of the reality, by rebelling against the program’s version that she wanted to leave and making clear what she means: that they are hiding intentions against her to get her out of the house.

But Karina did not want to leave, just like the interpreter of The trunk of memories has made clear during this Sunday’s debate. In fact, from the program they had stated that the artist, 77 years old, was the one who had asked to leave. Ion Aramendi He maintained at the beginning of the broadcast that this was the decision that the contestant would have made, and also argued that the singer had spent the weekend crying and saying that she wanted to quit, regardless of the fact that she is one of the four nominees. So much for the GH version, which is contrary to Karina’s.

Ageism against the contestant

The woman from Jaén had drawn the attention of the organizers by highlighting that she felt unequal with the majority of the participants, due to her age, and said that she knew she had no chance of winning. But that’s a far cry from her asking the public to get her out of the house, much less the organization.

Aramendi, despite Karina’s misgivings and statements, maintained her version that she wanted to leave. But the artist did not remain silent: “My strength, mentally, is good and I am happy. Logically, I am old and limited, but I have incredible help from all my colleagues and mentally I feel good,” she said. “I just want older people not to break down. That we have courage and that we don’t lock ourselves in the house, that we go out into the streets. Of course I want to, sweetheart. I’m on blast!”he added to a standing ovation from those present on the set.

This Sunday was actually a repeat of what happened days ago at the nominations gala, when some contestants justified putting her among the nominees because she had supposedly asked them to leave. that wants to go. On that occasion Karina denied Martha Flich. On the other hand, Karina’s behavior if we observe it on 24-hour connections does not at all allow us to deduce that she wants to stop competing and fight to stay in the house. We have seen the Eurovision star participating in the house games, dancing sevillanas, singing, having a good time with various companions, making jokes and laughing. Maybe someone wants to laugh at her, not with her?