Whatever happens, what you've already achieved Aslan karatsev (Russia, 27 years old) in this edition of the Australian Open it will remain for the history of tennis. The Russian is the sensation of the tournament having reached the semi-finals on his Grand Slam debut, being the first tennis player to achieve this milestone in the so-called 'Era Open' (since 1968). If to this we add that currently ranks 114th in the ATP ranking, his feat acquires even greater dimension.

And that's not all. Karatsev is the lowest ranked player to reach the semifinals of a major since Goran Invanisevic in 2001, the year in which the Croatian not only reached that round at Wimbledon as 125th in the ranking, but also lifted the title. All this gives the Russian license to dream, who knows if he can repeat such a feat 20 years later. But if emulating Ivanisevic was not curious in itself, it should be noted that for this Karatsev must first beat the current pupil of the Croatian on the track, which is none other than the current world number 1: Novak Djokovic.

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Marcos Baghdatis celebrates his triumph over David Nalbandian at the 2006 Australian Open.

Two totally antagonistic styles and trajectories that will meet in the Rod Laver Arena next Thursday, where regardless of the result, Karatsev will go home with the satisfaction of having made history and, why not say it, with his pockets fuller than ever. And it is that the Moscow, still losing, ensures a economic prize of 662,000 dollars, Or what is the same: more money than you have accumulated in your entire career in prizes ($ 618,354), according to ATP data.

Other similar cases

Incredible as it may seem, stories similar to Karatsev's have been lived in Melbourne Park in the past, although not of such magnitude. In 1991, Patrick McEnroe was the first to reach the semifinals of the Oceanic Grand Slam with a ranking below the top-100, coincidences of fate, with the same position as Karatsev: 114th. In the following years, other players appeared who gave the bell in Melbourne, although with higher level positions. The Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis was planted in the final of the tournament in 2006 being the 54th in the world (he lost to Federer), and the French Jo-Wilfried Tsonga He did the same in 2008 as 38th in the ranking (Djokovic beat him). Melbourne, showcase of Rare avis…


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