Kanye West has been suspended from Twitter. The suspension came after the rapper tweeted a now-deleted post featuring a swastika on Thursday night. Kim Kardashian’s ex has hooked her up again the same day she appeared on the show Infowars of Alex Jones and said on several occasions that he liked Adolf Hitler.

Ye, as he is also known, openly said on the show with an ultra-right bias that “the Nazis also did good things. I like Hitler because he was also born a Christian.”

This television interview and the prominence on Twitter takes place the same week that the divorce with his ex-wife, the model Kim Kardashian, has finally been resolved, to whom he must pay $200,000 a month to support his three children.

After seven years of marriage, the star and the Grammy winner entered a cohabitation crisis at the height of West’s public outbursts in 2020, caused by his diagnosed bipolar disorder.

The singer’s opinions continued to scandalize on television by openly defending the genocidal ideology: “All human beings have something of value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler. We have to stop insulting the Nazis all the time,” he stated forcefully.

In addition, he attacked the Zionists with statements typical of those who have clear racist biases: “The Jews are not going to tell me that they can love us, and they can love what we are doing to them with the contracts, and they can love what we are promoting with the pornography”.

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The rapper said Hitler should be applauded because he “invented the highways and the microphone” that he uses as a musician. And he has been so happy after stating: “You can’t say out loud that this person (for Hitler) ever did something good, and I want to end it.”

It must be remembered that these statements come a few days after Kanye had to pay a former employee to stop airing conversations about the artist in which he had expressed anti-Semitic opinions, he also praised Hitler and Nazi ideology.

Suspended your Twitter account

The same day he appeared on the controversial show and made the outrageous statements, the musician continued spewing fascist ideology on Twitter.

Among the tweets, which included praise and support for Balenciaga, following the recent backlash against the company for its campaign featuring children and dolls dressed in sadomasochistic clothing, Ye posted an image of a swastika fused with a Star of David. Twitter removed the offending post, and the musician’s tweetstorm suddenly ceased.

In Truth SocialWest’s verified account posted another image of conversations with Elon Muskand some unflattering photo of the CEO of the birdie network, as well as a screenshot showing that he was unable to access his account for 12 hours.

Musk, despite being an absolutist of free speech, as he describes himself, confirmed that Kanye had not been suspended for posting an unflattering photo of Elon, but because “he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. The account will be suspended,” according to the Tesla owner.