EnglandAs expected, this Monday sealed his direct qualification for the Qatar World Cup 2022. Those of Gareth Southgate, semifinalists in the last World Cup in Russia, passed over the bottom San Marino and they certified their first place in Group I with a scandal win (0-10) that came on the fast track with six goals in the first half: Maguire (6’), Blacksmiths (own goal in 15 ‘) and Harry Kane with a poker in 15 minutes (in 27 ‘and 39’, both penalties, and another two in 32 ‘and 42’).

The recital of the forward of Tottenham It was total and with his 48 goals he equaled Gary Lineker, it was one of the mythical Sir Bobby Charlton (49) and was placed only five of Wayne Rooney, the all-time top scorer for England with 53 targets.

Maguire quickly opened the scoring after an assist from Foden. Nor did it take long for the unfortunate goal of Blacksmiths, who deflected a shot from Says. Kane started his festival by transforming a very dubious penalty from Rossi, after an auction of Foden, which the referee whistled at the request of WHERE. Kane he hit again and a pass from Smith Rowe to sign the 0-4. Again, the ram of the Tottenham scored a penalty by the hand of D’Addario and repeated to score the 0-6 with which ended a first half of English feast in Serravalle.

After the break, the ‘pross’, despite the replacement of Kane (63 ‘), they did not slacken and made four more goals: Smith Rowe (58’), Mings (69’), Abraham (78 ‘) and Says (79 ‘), the last three with assists of Alexander-Arnold. There was another target of Bellingham (71 ‘) but the WHERE invalidated it when San Marino I was already 10 for the expulsion of Rossi (67 ‘) for a double warning.

The final 0-10 reflected the sidereal distance that separates the current runner-up of Europe of the modest San Marino team, which closes, in position 211, the world ranking of the FIFA.


San Marino: Benedictines; Battistini, Fabbri (Conti, m.81), Rossi; Tomassini (Vitaioli, m.46), Lunadei (Grandoni, m.74), Enrico Golinucci, Mularoni, D’Addario (Censoni, m.46); Nanni and Hirsch (Alessandro Golinucci, m.46)

England: Ramsdale; Coady, Maguire (Chilwell, m.46), Mings; Alexander-Arnold, Bellingham, Phillips (Gallagher, m.46), Saka; Foden (Abraham, m.46), Kane (James, m.63) y Smith Rowe (Stones, m.73)

Goals: 0-1, m.6: Maguire. 0-2, m.15: Fabri, own door. 0-3, m.27: Kane de penalti. 0-4, m.32: Kane. 0-5, m.39: Kane de penalti. 0-6, m.42: Kane. 0-7, m.58: Smith Rowe. 0-8, m.69: Mings. 0-9, m.78: Abraham. 0-10, m.79: Saka

Referee: Rade Obrenovic (Sloveniaa). He sent off San Marino player Dante Rossi (m. 26 and 68) for a double yellow card. He also showed a yellow card to D’Addario and Battistini for San Marino; and Abraham for England.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the tenth and last day of group I of the European qualifying phase for the Qatar 2022 World Cup held at the San Marino de Serravalle stadium.