Lukaku has returned to Chelsea through the big door. The Belgian forward has scored three goals in the last two games for the English club. The compliments to him do not stop. The last to praise him has been Ricardo Kaká. The ex-Madridista considers him to be the best striker in the world and compares him to a Brazilian legend: Adriano ‘The Emperor’.

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, the 2009 Ballon d'Or highlights all the virtues of Lukaku to the point of placing him at the level of Adriano in his prime: “Lukaku is the number one striker. It reminds me of Adriano in his prime. Gather physical strength, intelligence and speed. “

Kaká took the opportunity to send a message of optimism to the fans of Milan, a club where he became the best player in the world. The Brazilian believes that the Rossonero team now has a better chance of reaching the title this season, after the departures of Lukaku and Cristiano to the Premier League. “I think it may be the right time for Milan. They have kept the base of their squad, while the others have lost some things. Juventus no longer have Cristiano Ronaldo and Inter need to reinvent themselves without Lukaku, “he analyzed.


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