The dinner at Weston McKennie's with Arthur, Dybala, his girlfriends and some friends (the carabinieri caught 10 people and identified six), it will take its toll on the three bianconeri. In addition to the fines that will come from the authorities, Juventus is evaluating a sanction and, in addition, it will leave the three out of the call for tomorrow's derby against Torino.

A very harsh reaction, correct according to the majority of the Tifosi, enraged by what happened, but which also caused controversy. 'La Repubblica', for example, stressed the difference with the “soft” measures to avoid punishments to Ronaldo, “which often totally passed the rules that apply to all mortals.”

The ex-Madridista, in fact, suffered no consequences “for the insults to the coach, vulgar gestures towards rival fans, participating in various birthday parties during confinement in Madeira, spend a romantic weekend outside the Piedmont region during confinement and organize New Year's Eve dinners. “According to the newspaper,” until Juve won, one eye was closed that is now wide open, as the problems add up one after other”.

The 'Corriere dello Sport', meanwhile, made a list of the “annus horribilis” bianconero, which began with the absurd scandal for Suárez's sham exam, the cataract injury (De Ligt, Dybala, Alex Sandro, Chiellini, Demiral, Cuadrado), the controversies over Juve-Naples (which, finally, will be played on Wednesday), Christian who broke confinement, the defeats that kept the scudetto away and the umpteenth ridicule in the Champions League, before the last mess at McKennie's house.

A year to forget that it is not over yet. With the scudetto already unreachable after nine years of hegemony, it touches defend the Champions League qualification. We must change the course starting tomorrow, in the derby with Torino, without Demiral and Bonucci (positive in covid), nor the punished Dybala (who was finally ready), Arthur and McKennie.


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