The Superior Court of Justice has ratified the sanction to the stewardess who gave the lot with pour on the Iberia plane, which had such an impact in the media. During the Madrid – Miami flight, which lasts more than nine hours, the former de paulina rubio and the airline employee had a great time, contravening the anticovid regulations in force in June 2021, when the events took place.

Informalia has had access to the sentence, handed down against the flight attendant on 02/13/2023 by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid. The case has been investigated in Section No. 06 of the Social.

The stewardess has been sanctioned for “indiscipline or disobedience at work, as well as in the transgression of contractual good faith and breach of trust in the performance of work.”

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In this way, the sanction received “has been 60 days of suspension of employment and salary. The sanction has been fulfilled since February 15, 2022, with a discount for the 60 days in the total amount of €5,224.01 ( doc.8, 9 and 10 sued)”.

The stewardess, like Samantha Vallejo-Nágera’s brother, also skipped the anti-covid regulations in force at the time: “The contested ruling considers that there is transcendental disobedience” for failing to comply with “the obligation to use masks (…) in the means of air transport”. The employee not only broke the government standard, she also “deliberately breached” that of the company itself: “[Los tripulantes] They have the obligation to use their FFP2 mask at all times,” the sentence reads.

In the video, recorded on June 8, 2021, the ex of the golden girl and the stewardess appear giving free rein to their passion on a plane. “Don’t blackmail us later with these images,” the flight attendant tells the other person she records. “I brushed it on a plane,” the employee also said, laughing.