Atlanta Falcons signed up Julio Jones in what is termed as the highest-paid Wide receiver. The 30-year-old WR will be the highest-paid one in the history of NFL, the team Atlanta Falcons stated on Saturday.

As per the reports appearing on ESPN, Jones will be paid $ 64 million on signing. It is part of the three-year agreement that guarantees $ 66 million over the next three years. This has made what was previously suggested deal come into reality. Pro Football Talk had reported on July 22 that “Some inside the league think Jones and the Falcons already have a wink-nod deal in place, one that will be officially signed and sealed after July 26 comes and goes.”

Jones has been playing well enough and is in his prime. He has done the right thing for the team, and he has been one of the best players that the team has ever been able to sign up. He has been a six-time Pro Bowler and Two times all Pro. He has missed only three games so far.

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He is quite huge at 6’3″ and 220-pound. This is exactly what makes him difficult to match up when you are into defensive backups during a game.

Atlanta Falcons, with this deal, have made sure that they have been able to get one of the best players locked for them. Jones will definitely be the perfect option for the team, and we would indeed be looking ahead to what he has on offer.