Juan Ruiz, the son of Patricia Rato and Espartaco, makes his television debut to talk about bulls with Manuel Escribano

The youngest of the offspring of Spartacus y Patricia Rato, Juan Ruizwill make the leap to television by being interviewed by Berenice Lobaton in Generation Ta space dedicated to bullfighting. The young man feels very connected to the world of bullfighting and, for this reason, he will sit down to chat in the One Toro TV space with the bullfighter Manuel Escribano.

For many, Juan is a great unknown, but this could change when the talk is broadcast on July 21st in the bullfighting space, which in previous episodes had the presence of the firstborn of Nuria Roca and Juan del Val; the son of Lydia Bosch and the daughter of Fran Rivera and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, Tana Rivera. These young people have in common that they have inherited from their parents the passion for bullfighting, although They are not devoted to this world. The same is true of John.

On a professional level, the last guest on the programme is interested in the health sector. On 24 May he graduated in Pharmacy from the University of Navarra after starting his studies in 2019. Almost two months ago she was also in the news for celebrating her graduation in Pamplona

The son of the maestro, who was once the number one in the bullrings, presents himself on his Instagram profile as a pharmacist. However, from time to time he shows his 6,000 followers another of his great passions, bullfighting. Victoria Federica de Marichalar follows her on her accountas well as other personalities from similar environments.

At the moment, the young man is doing his internship in a pharmacy in Seville.the same city where Manuel Escribano lives. The fact that they both live in the Andalusian capital made it easier to film the programme, which sent its team there.

Despite belonging to a well-known family, Juan keeps a low profile. However, his older sister, Alejandrahis father’s right-hand man, is a media figure in Spanish high society. IsabellaThe second is a lawyer by profession, but is training to become an actress.