Juan Luis Larrea leaves the presidency of the FGF after 33 years

Larrea He will cease to be president of the Guipuzcoan Football Federation after 33 years in office. Has been his own Larrea who, in the virtual Assembly of the Federation, has indicated that he will not stand in the next elections, which will not be before October 31. The electoral board will begin to meet from tomorrow before forming the final table. For now, the Garai Berriak platform is the only alternative.

Larrea He entered as a director of the FGF with Joseph
Arzak in 1981 and has been president since 1987. The most solid attempt to unseat him occurred in 2008 and was led by the then president of Eibar, James
Barriuso, which ended up losing the vote by 57 votes to 51. “I am leaving with a clear conscience of having done a great job for more than three decades, the Guipuzcoan Federation is in good health. See you on the football fields of Gipuzkoa ”, he said, visibly moved, Juan