It could not be. This Thursday, father and son were only 15 kilometers apart. The emeritus did everything possible to facilitate the meeting, he even went to O Grove to have dinner so that his son’s caravan did not have to deviate even one meter from the route back to Madrid. But king philip He did not want to satisfy his father’s wish, excited to share seafood with his son, his sister Margarita and his nephews, Alfonso and María Zurita.

There were calls, yes. According to Mariángel Alcázar, Don Juan Carlos He called his son after eating at the Club Náutico to invite him to dinner, but King Felipe (who was accompanied by his team and the acting Minister of Justice) told him that he was returning directly to Madrid: “It was an express trip”. Don Juan Carlos decided to get even closer (from Sanxenxo to O Grove) to La Toja to facilitate the meeting, but even if he wanted to, he couldn’t get his son to change her plans: “The emeritus chose that restaurant to have dinner with his sister with the intention that the king would stop by there. It was not a provocation, as some say. He just wanted to see his son”.

The meeting will have to wait. Specifically, 33 days. On October 31, Princess Leonor turns 18 and swears in the Constitution in the Cortes. Only her parents will attend the institutional event but later, both the Borbón and Ortiz Rocasolano families have been invited to a private party in El Pardo. The attendance of the emeritus and also of Doña Sofía is confirmed, but not that of the cousins ​​Marichalar, Victoria Federica and Froilán, who would have rejected the invitation of her uncles.