The father of Philip VI In July 2022, he hired the services of the London law firm Carter-Ruck to deal with the lawsuit for alleged harassment that Corinna Larsen had filed against him. This office replaced the previous one that advised him, Clifford Chance. A change in strategy that drew a lot of attention because it occurred in the middle of the process of the highly controversial and debated immunity of the emeritus as a key to stop the demand of the German princess. The first oral hearing was held last November. For that view alone, the firm billed Don Juan Carlos 879,000 pounds (approximately one million euros), as published The confidentialwho also wonders where the emeritus gets so much money from.

The invoice only contemplates the legal services rendered at that hearing. The work of representation is paid separately, cites the digital. In addition, Corinna, having lost the appeal, she must assume 50% of the aforementioned invoice, which implies that she must pay half a million euros.

From Abu Dhabi, the father of Felipe VI smiled after that resolution of November 8. The Court of Appeals recognized the immunity of Don Juan Carlos in the proceedings prior to his abdication in June 2014.

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In her lawsuit, the German princess also accused the CNI, then led by Félix Sanz Roldán, of having been a victim of espionage.

The question that arises is how the king emeritus is going to face these costs. The newspaper mentions the November invoice, but it was not the first. Earlier, in July, the Carter-Ruck firm represented Juan Carlos I in a hearing that was held as soon as the change of lawyers took place.

The former head of state has not received an assignment from the Royal House since Felipe VI withdrew it in March 2020. He received 194,000. In addition, since his self-expatriation to the Emirates, he carried out two Treasury adjustments: one for more than 600,000 and another for 4 million.

Only a few days ago we knew that The king emeritus has transferred his tax domicile to the Emirates. This means that this year he will not file the income statement in our country for the 2022 financial year, but will pay taxes from his residence in Abu Dhabi, published The world, which also pointed out that with this decision Don Juan Carlos gets rid of the Treasury investigating his economic activities. The million-dollar invoice of the London lawyers only shows that the emeritus has the means to face it.