Juan Carlos I, the details of his visit to Spain: Sanxenxo repeats, despite the ‘touch’ that his son gave him

There is already a date for the return of Don Juan Carlos to Spain April 17 Destination, Sanxenxo (Pontevedra). This is what he has assured in The world. Will we see the emeritus visit Zarzuela?

Another data is considered. Following the calendar of regattas in the estuary of the town of Pontevedra, which are scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd of this month, from Public mirror They point out that his return day would be the 22nd. Even so, we will see again the photograph of the emeritus that we saw last year in the port, aboard the Bribón. That he chooses Sanxenxo responds to the desire to be with his friends, in the environment he most longs for, sailing in the sea with his Bribón. Far above the media hurricane it generated. Gone is the call to attention that he received in Zarzuela, when his son urged him to visit Spain with a lower and more discreet profile.

Goodbye Easter, goodbye

The Holy Weeks of the Royal Family are not what they used to be. That Resurrection Sunday, the Easter Mass and the photo posed outside the Cathedral of Palma. They were years of union and smiles in front of the cameras. There were the Kings, their children and their grandchildren. The photography of 2018 changed everything. The tense scene between the two queens, Mrs. Letizia y doña sofia, right there, in front of the seo, he gave the notice: the end of that stage of family reunion began. In 2019 the pose was staged and it has never been repeated. The pandemic also contributed to marking a change of scenery.

Don Felipe and Doña Letizia now clear their agenda during these days of rest and make plans on their own with their daughters, Leonor and Sofía, such as the visit to Chinchón. Such a local output, so concise and so measured: the representation of the Passion, the oldest in the Community of Madrid, dating from 1963.

The only person in the Royal Family who remains faithful to Marivent and Palma is the King’s mother. Doña Sofía, accompanied by her sister Irene, attended the mass on Holy Thursday, on the 7th, which was officiated in the church of Sang. She also received a flying visit from don Felipea private trip and off schedule.

Nostalgic for those Easter days and nostalgic for the absence of her husband, Queen Sofía has come to slip that “she would be delighted to visit Juan Carlos I in Abu Dhabi”, as published The Spanish. Perhaps the very long stay of the emeritus in the Emirates, which lasts three years, and the recent visit of the Infanta Elena, with that image together with her father, whom she adores, and Froilán That desire to fly to Abu Dhabi would have awakened him. In three weeks we will see them together again in an official act. At the coronation of Carlos III, in London, on May 6.

It so happens that this family snapshot of Juan Carlos with his eldest daughter and his first grandson has occurred just one year after the viralized image of the two princesses with their children posing with their father in Abu Dhabi. Holy Week propitiates the meeting between the Bourbons.