Juan Carlos I, the 2,000 million of his fortune and the inheritance he leaves to the infantas Elena and Cristina

Juan Carlos I is visiting Spain and this sailing situation in Sanxenxo serves to bring up figures of his fortune published in 2020. The figures are these: 2.3 billion dollars, as published The New York Times with estimates dating back to 2012 (about 2,187 million euros now, before 1,800). Forbes’ estimate was closer to 2 billion. Now comes the inheritance that he will leave to his daughters, the infantas Elena and Cristina. Not to Felipe VI, who renounced any inheritance that might correspond to him, as stated in a statement in March 2020. In addition, the monarch then reported that he was withdrawing his father’s annual allocation from the Casa del Rey budgets ( 194,000 euros).

900 million euros is what would correspond to the infantas, according to figures now The National. He even goes further and reveals that Elena, who lives in Madrid, plans to buy a property to enjoy one of her passions, horses and horse riding. Her sister’s real estate desires also pass through the capital. Once Irene flies the nest, the former Duchess of Palma would be living alone in her apartment in Geneva, so it cannot be ruled out that Cristina would acquire a home in the city to be closer to Elena.

EsDiario cites the Catalan independence press, which has focused on the advanced age of the emeritus, 85 years old, and his condition as a self-expatriate in the Emirates, a kind of exile armored with cameras, made invisible and removed from his duties, so as not to interfere in your son’s work. This is how we have been since August 2020. It so happens that this Thursday, September 28, in the afternoon, both of them will coincide in Pontevedra. Felipe VI travels to La Toja where he will inaugurate the V edition of the La Toja Vínculo Atlántico Forum and Juan Carlos I prepares in Sanxenxo to compete in the regatta that bears his name. The two kings will be separated by 14.9 kilometers (17 minutes by car). A reunion is not planned.