First image of Juan Carlos I haggling in the Ría de Pontevedra. Two days after his arrival, on Monday the 25th at the Peinador airport in Vigo, the King Emeritus traveled to the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo. It was around 12:30 on Wednesday the 27th. The media were waiting for him at the entrance to the club. This is the first departure of Felipe VI’s father from the house of the president of the Pontevedra yachting company.

The script is written for the emeritus before each visit to Spain. From Pedro Campos’ house to the yacht club and from the club to Campos’ house. And it doesn’t get out of there. The watchword is discretion. Also, always seeing him in nautical gear helps. Don Juan Carlos gives a sporting image. He is contained, engrossed in that low-profile public projection, but he also knows how to enjoy every minute he spends on Galician soil accompanied by his closest friends.

Upon arrival, some “long live Spain, long live the King” was heard. A detail that the former monarch thanked with a big smile and a greeting. Supported by his assistant, he has reached the port’s pontoon. He was wearing navy blue pants, a vest, a white long-sleeved polo shirt, which he completed with a cap and dark glasses to protect himself from the sun. On this occasion he once again wears the Oura ring on his left hand, which monitors sleep quality and tracks body temperature and heart rate. Also, he measures oxygen in the blood. He is connected to the mobile application and memorizes the workouts.

He went down the stairs and boarded his Bribón 500. At that moment, one of his friends offered him his support. However, the emeritus has declined his help and has removed his hand. In a gesture of spontaneity, he also tapped her on the chest. Wow, I didn’t want any more help.

Don Juan Carlos plans to participate in training until the competition that bears his name begins this Friday, the 8th Rey Juan Carlos I Regatta – El Corte Inglés Master, which will be held until October 1.

This Thursday he will meet his son in Pontevedra. Felipe VI travels to the beautiful island of La Toja where he is going to inaugurate the V edition of the La Toja Atlantic Link Forum. Father and son will be separated by 14.9 kilometers (about 17 minutes by car). A reunion is not planned.