Felipe VI’s father smiles from Abu Dhabi. The Court of Appeals for England and Wales, after the lawsuit filed by Corinna for harassment, has granted her immunity in the United Kingdom.

The legal battle between King Juan Carlos and what was his special friend dates back to the end of 2020. The German princess sued him for the alleged espionage that, according to his version, he suffered from 2012 directly from the king or from people in his Name. She also sued the CNI.

In the end, we will not see the former head of state sitting on the London bench, as expected for 2023. The German princess of Danish origin, in her lawsuit for harassment that she says she received from the king’s father, asked the British courts to claim compensation to the emeritus, the amount of which has not been disclosed, for the costs of his mental health medical treatment and for the “installation of personal security measures and daily protection services.”

It is not the only novelty that has occurred in recent days. Recently, Don Juan Carlos has admitted that he did not pay for his hunts and has agreed with the Treasury to pay a penalty. With the agreement reached with the Tax Agency, he assumes the blame for him and will have to pay the amounts requested by the tax authorities, which thus closes the inspection.

This act of conformity is added to the voluntary regularizations that he carried out for an amount of just over five million to avoid being accused of various tax crimes and that were validated by the Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office, and this despite the fact that the king had been notified that he was being investigated. Meanwhile, Corinna continues to recount her experiences and lashes out at Don Juan Carlos himself and Doña Sofía in her new podcast.