Rayo and Girona have one of their great assets for this final due to the promotion under sticks. Luca Zidane and Juan Carlos have bolted their goals in the first tie of the playoff. While the goalkeeper franjirrojo has only conceded one goal (Robert Ibáñez's 1-0 in Butarque), the rojiblanco finished unbeaten against Almería. This only confirms the trend that both had been showing in the League.

Juan Carlos the course started as substitute for Muric – granted by City, left in winter – but since the third league game he has been a top starter with Girona, playing 42 games (including promotion) and leaving a clean sheet 18 times. It's more, in the last ten games he has only received two goals. Reasons, more than enough, for the sports management to improve the renewal offer that it put on the table weeks ago. And is that Juan Carlos ends his contract at the end of this campaign and his future, today, is in the air.

Lightning Shield / Flag

For its part, Luca's path has been totally different. The Frenchman landed in Vallecas on the last day of the last summer market as third goalkeeper and signed until 2022. However, with patience and work, has known how to take advantage of opportunities when they have arrived. First he did it for the suspension of Dimitrievski against Leganés – there he chained the ownership for five days – and then, in the final stretch of the championship, before the imminent march of the Norman to the European Championship. Luca has played 13 games in total and has left a clean sheet four times. In fact, in his last six games he has only conceded three goals.

Girona Shield / Flag

Both goalkeepers have made great saves this playoff. Juan Carlos saved a header from Samu Costa, on the goal line, in the return against Almería. Meanwhile, Luca shone in the first leg against Leganés, stopping a header from Sergio and a shot from Silva that hit Saveljich changing trajectory. He was also key in Butarque with a great stretch to stop a shot from Miguel from the front.

In addition, this Sunday appointment will be special for Juan Carlos, who will return to Vallecas, which was his home. The goalkeeper He was trained in the Rayo quarry and with him he rose to First a decade ago (10-11), although it would not be until the 15-16 season, with Paco Jémez, when he defended the Strip in the elite.

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