Juan Antonio García-Obregón and Cristina Gutiérrez say ‘Yes, I do’ with Ana Obregón as a guest

Finally came the day. Juan Antonio García-Obregón -son of Juancho García Obregón and Marta Vázquez de Castro- has said ‘I do’ with Cristina Gutiérrez with a spectacular wedding at the Cangas de Onís inn in the Asturian municipality, located in the old Monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva.

The entire Obregón family has been gathered for this special event for them: Javier García Obregón and María Tevenet, Celia, Amalia, Ana, Juancho and Marta Vázquez de Castro… and also a guest known as Carlos Sainz, his wife, Reyes Vázquez de Castro and his son Carlos.

Demonstrating the great union that exists between them, Ana Obregón has posed with her sisters and her sister-in-law, María, with a smile on her face. They have been fundamental pillars all these years in which she has been recovering from the worst moment of her life.

Javier García Obregón was visibly excited about his nephew’s wedding, a month after his son’s.

First the groom arrived, accompanied by his parents and his brother, and then Cristina appeared in an impressive two-color vintage car with her father. Wearing the most elegant dress, her girlfriend entered the church to swear her love for Juan Antonio and, minutes later, they left her celebrating her marriage.