The truth is that it is not a very easy tattoo to cover. But what we did not expect is that Jota Peleteiro was going to replace the face of jessica bueno which until now had been inked on the left side of his chest with the face of King Kong.

Has been Miriam Cruzthe woman to whom He has proposed to her six months after separating from the mother of his children, the one in charge of showing the world the ‘new’ tattoo that her boy proudly wears.

“Future husband”, the young woman has written next to the image in which they appear embraced. On top of the huge gorilla, the former Celta de Vigo footballer has also named himself after his youngest son, Alejandrowho was born on July 12, 2021.

On his back, Jota also has the faces of his “three loves” drawn, Francisco, Jota Jr. and Alexander. It should be remembered that Francisco is Jessica’s eldest son and Kiko Rivera, but on other occasions Peleteiro has said that he loves the child as if he were also “his son”. “The important thing is to be together”, you can read on his back.

Both Jessica and Jota have quickly rebuilt their lives after announcing their divorce last November. As we said, he is going to marry his girlfriend Miriam and she is giving herself a new opportunity in love with the ex of Lara Dibildosbusinessman paul marquis.