Josep Maria Vallbona, president of the Censorship Vote Table

As announced by the Tot Costa de Catalunya Ràdio program, Josep Maria Vallbona, member of the Catalan Football Federation and the president's trusted person, Joan Soteras, will be the president of the Censorship Vote Table which will be constituted, in principle, next week. The Censorship Vote Table will have five members: the president, Josep Maria Vallbona, the first two signatories of the motion request (Jordi Farré, legal representative, is one of them) and two members of the Barça Board of Directors.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

It is worth remembering the times of the motion of censure. There are ten business days for the constitution of the Censorship Vote Table and ten more days, once composed, to validate the signatures. If there are more than 16,520 valid signatures, the Club Board of Directors will be required to call the act of voting, which must be held within a period of no less than ten business days nor more than twenty, from the notification of the request of the Table. If the vote is successful (Two-thirds of yeses are needed as long as at least 10 percent of the members vote), the members of the Board and Bartomeu will be automatically relieved.