José Luis Moreno, like a “showman” after declaring before the National Court: “The judge has said that everything is false”

Jose Luis Moreno He testified again this Wednesday, September 28, before the National Court for ‘Operation Titella’. More than two years have passed since June 29 in which the television producer was arrested for an alleged crime of criminal organization, fraud, money laundering and theft of assets. Weeks later, Alberto and Laura Caballero’s uncle deposited the bail of 3 million euros through a mortgage guarantee, thus avoiding their entry into prison.

Upon leaving the courthouse this Wednesday, the former ventriloquist said: “It went wonderfully well, guys. I’m very calm.” With a smile from ear to ear, he said: “The judge said it was all false.” Regarding whether he thinks that he has a chance of ending up behind bars, he has played down the matter: “No, man, I trust in Justice but not in lies.”

The apparent happiness shown by Moreno after giving a statement has drawn attention. So much so that even in We’ll seeJoaquín Prat has criticized that he has shown himself as a true “showman” at the doors of the courts.

In June 2021, the producer was arrested in his own mansion in Boadilla del Monte, a key scene in the investigation where those involved in the plot held meetings. Dozens of documents that are being investigated and also money counting machines were seized at the television creator’s residence. Throughout these years, Moreno has requested that the case be filed without success. He has also requested that his international accounts be unblocked to operate in the United Kingdom. This request was also denied by the National Court. His passport was also taken away.

It must be remembered that up to 77 people were charged and that the authorities identified the television producer at the top of a criminal organization that was responsible for defrauding banks and then laundering money. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the network would have defrauded up to 85 million euros.

According to investigations, Moreno was allegedly in charge of visiting banks to request financing, taking advantage of his ‘status’ as a well-known person. Above him, in this hierarchical organization, was the businessman. Antonio Luis Aguilerawhich controlled the accounting of the former ventriloquist’s companies.