Assessment of the match and the tie. Are you satisfied? “The game has had many moments for both teams. In the first half, Valladolid came out with a lot of drive in the first 10 or 15 minutes and they subdued us. It costed us. From then on, the team, until the 55th minute or so when the goal arrived (that of the Valladolid draw), we were quite comfortable in the game. It is true that Valladolid had the ball, but they had it in areas where we were comfortable and we were able to counterattack and get out of danger. The point is very long-suffering and I think that other times with much more we have achieved less. Today we had to suffer and put in a very high level of effort and it is clear that to score in this field you need that dose of luck to be able to add ”.

A locked and intense game where the game has stopped a lot. Was it a slogan? “If you ask me that question, you don't know me (answer the question like this). It's clear that he doesn't know me ”. The journalist who asked the question refers to the game that has stopped a lot and that there were many fouls. José Alberto responds quickly. “I think it was a Second Division game in which there have been moments for both teams. And I think my team, if I remember correctly, has two cards (yellow) and Valladolid another two. I think that I have not interrupted the game more than I should at all, he has simply played the game he had to do and the referee is there to judge him. There's no more”.

What did you think of the arbitration? “It was a game with a very high rhythm and typical of the end of the season where two teams really play their goals. And I think the referee has handled it in a fantastic way. You have made very good decisions. It has allowed both teams to play and I think it has been a high level refereeing ”.

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