El Lugo, a dangerous rival. “We spent many hours studying all the rivals. There are more or less 80 hours of work behind each game. Lugo is a team that feels comfortable without the ball, they play through possession and move quickly with a very direct game; It has physical and very fast players on the wing and in set pieces it is important. They have reference forwards like Joselu who attacks space very well. A team with resources that has improved a lot compared to other campaigns. As his results show at this start to the championship, he is very competitive.

It’s time to win after three consecutive draws. “We never talk about the result either in the game previews or in the post-game analysis. We focus on what we must do to achieve that result. And what we have to do is see a good Malaga again. The team continues to grow day after day. We have played a few games with defensive solidity. At the offensive level is where I think we must improve in efficiency. We have situations in every game, but we have to get more goals ”.

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Conclusions and readings of the Huesca party. “We are usually left with the feeling of the end of the game. When the result is not good, it seems that the game is bad regardless of what happened in the first 60 or 70 minutes. And when the game is good, like the one the other day, we also forget what usually happens in the first half. I don’t agree that the first part was bad. We had a hard time getting into the game in the first 20 minutes. Afterwards, the team was good. We were able to get out. You can more or less approximate the action of Brando who steals Andrés and we have a clear chance. From there the team settles down, begins to believe and have more possession of the ball ”.
The famous play of the disallowed goal. “I do not want to talk. Is past. Everything that had to be said has been said. The experts and all these stories, let them draw the conclusions they have to draw ”.

Do you think that Málaga has reasons to complain about arbitration decisions? “When you are in a team, the tonic is that you feel that it is harmed. I understand that refereeing is very difficult and that they have to make the best decisions they deem appropriate in each game. But it is clear that at this start of the championship there are actions that are difficult to explain ”.

About the experts who should make those decisions. “That play is past and the only thing that interests me is tomorrow’s game. Of what has happened there are people in the club who are pending and who do what they consider opportune ”.

Iván Calero, out of the group. “It is a technical decision. There is no other reason ”.
Three-game week. “Everyone who joins the team is responding at a good level. The day to day is very good, there are no starters and substitutes. There are characteristics of the players and we choose based on the game ”.

Is this busy schedule a killer for footballers? “The calendar is what it is, for everyone the same. There is the importance of templates. I can say little more. From Tuesday’s game to Saturday’s we have more recovery, but from last Saturday to Tuesday… find out. An incredible job must be done by the medical services, nutritionist, supplementation, increasing the rest of the players so that they can arrive in the best conditions to compete. Even so, or it is simple ”.

Is it being unfair to the team? “I think the fans are happy with what they see. Do we want to be higher in the rankings? It is clear. Are we ambitious? It is clear. This is a process and the important thing is not Matchday 11, Matchday 15, or Matchday 35. The important thing is Matchday 42 and we have to realize where we come from, that it is a new team, very young and that we have had to make decisions for injuries that have affected. The first of Jzoabed in preseason, later by the subject of Luis Muñoz. They are not apologies, but they are situations that you do not expect and that you have to redirect. Sekou has played for the first time as a starter. There are players we have seen little of and who should help us a lot ”.

Chavarría. “Every time they ask me this question, I will say that it is closer to their time to return. The first one who is really looking forward to it is Pablo. And I also”.

Are reinforcements planned for the midfield in the winter market? “We are in permanent contact with Manolo and we talk about all situations. We are happy with the squad we have. I asked at a press conference that there were players who had to step forward. And they are giving it. The appearance of Ramón, Jozabed and Genaro with very good minutes. There are people who are growing. Malaga has to be at the top because it is a historic club and because it was recently in European competition. It is clear. But we also have to be aware of where we come from and where we want to go. And in that process it takes time. But time competing. And competing is getting points. And right now we have fewer points than we deserve. Thats the reality. Tomorrow we want to get three points ”.

Kevin. “Tomorrow we have a session in the morning and it is doubtful. He is training between cotton wool. The reality is that he is a boy who is being beaten. They have fouled him 15 in the last two games. From there, let each one draw their conclusions ”.

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