Match rating. “We have played against a great team, players of a very high level, with a lot of individual talent. It is the best team that has been here and that says a lot about the team we have and how strong we are as locals. The support from the fans has been incredible, they have tilted the field towards Raúl’s goal, taking two or three corners to achieve the victory ”.

Confidence. “An also important detail, Sekou and Antoñín seeing the door and reinforces the work they are doing. And all the work that people who come in from the bench do. Today they have given us soccer, fresh legs. People are very involved. The lineups vary and everyone competes to the fullest ”.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

Suffering. “The second half I think that, after the expulsion (of Loiodice) with a score in favor, we had the game under control. Our changes have been to try to have more of the ball and make longer attacks and minimize those of Las Palmas. It has come out and in an individual failure the tie has come. Luckily, that individual mistake comes on a day that the team wins. It is very difficult. What has been done today must be valued. They have a budget of 30 million and we have shown that we compete with everyone ”.

Coat of Arms / Flag Las Palmas

Sekou’s goal. “We have prepared it this morning and it has gone well. The goal comes in a play that we had prepared. Today has gone well for us and has given us three points. It makes us happy because there is a lot of work behind every detail and every game ”.

The play of the expulsion of Loiodice: “I don’t talk about the referees when it hurts us, less now. There is a VAR that checks everything. It is very difficult to referee. Cut an attack our very clear, little more to add ”.

Was Las Palmas better according to Mel says? “That is your perception, mine may be different. Their style is combinative and we have seen a very good team, but I also believe that Málaga, with our weapons, have known how to compete, to suffer in the moments we had to suffer. You need to do it and we have done it and we have managed to win the game. “

Dani Martín’s level in goal. “It is to stop them. When there are criticisms or you question, I do not enter. The goalkeeper is there to stop them and the forward to put them in, I love that everything is in its place “.

Peybernes error at 1-1. “It is good because we won, if not, I would be more annoyed. They are football things, anyone can fail. The important thing is to learn from them. And he has enough character and personality to know that he was wrong and get ahead.

Kevin has had a chance to hit the stick “It would have been great, but today he has shown again that he is at his level, that he had not taken it out for weeks.”