This weekend, the video of Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez getting involved at the party that Unicorn, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, held last Friday for its workers, has become a mess. The two protagonists already reacted this weekend, and now his wife, Alicia Peña, has broken her silence.

She has done it through her Instagram stories: “Millions of thanks for all the messages. I have read you all and the love I feel in them is very beautiful,” the writer wrote this Monday.

He has also added: “You deserve an answer to each one, but it is impossible. So I will give you an answer to all of you here, with my truth of what I feel, as soon as I gain a little strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

It is not the only message that he has shared, since he has flooded his states with words of encouragement that have been sent to him. Among them, some faces known as Pigeon Lake. In some of these publications significant photos of her appear with her husband, so everything seems to indicate that she will give a vote of confidence to the father of her four children. Although Alicia is not stupid: “There is no kiss, although the lack of respect for staying there is”, she has expressed in another post.

This Sunday, the former civil guard was with his children in Madrid, without the presence of Alicia herself. He has given explanations after the leak of the video, which was recorded by one of the many workers of the production company.

“Before I knew what was going to happen, I have told my wife everything that has happened, because I like to go with the truth in front of me. I have an excellent relationship with Alba, we are a couple who have always had that feeling , but always with respect on the part of both”, he explained in Fiesta.

And he added, repentant for his actions: “It does not make me know that there is a kiss or not to know that I have made a mistake. I have made my wife feel bad and the biggest critic is me. No one needs to tell me ‘what a disappointment’. I myself know how to whip myself and admit my mistakes. I don’t need a kiss to know that I have disrespected my wife. I should have stopped this game, it got out of hand.”

Alba, for her part, also spoke: “I thought that this was a work thing, a feeling between two attractive people. But I didn’t think it was going to get out of hand. I didn’t expect this to happen and it hurts because it’s Jorge. I had a bad time for him, for Alicia and for me,” he acknowledged.

“They have been unfaithful to me and I would have appreciated that they had stood up like that for me and had not labeled me crazy. The one who has to explain is his wife. There was nothing else and there has been nothing else outside of here We have messaged, but as friends. This can strengthen your relationship, I have no doubt,” said the ex of Feliciano López and Fonsi Nieto in the program where he works with Jorge himself.