The soap opera between Jorge Perez y Alba Carrillo does not stop spinning. This Friday, martha lopez I assure in Save me that the former civil guard and his wife, Alice Penathey would be considering taking legal action against her and the ex-wife of Feliciano López for confessing their ‘affair’.

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The couple believes that this is a “trick” of the television collaborator and the model to be up to date. He remains in his version and denies any relationship with Alba Carrillo, beyond fooling around, and for this reason he would be planning to sue the two friends.

“I’m tired of you saying that those of us on TV are riffraff, that you say that we’re all in cahoots to ruin your life, we don’t have any desire. I don’t know how you’re not ashamed, I’m already tired and angry, you know. I I’m not afraid of you,” said Marta looking at the camera.

Both Jorge and Alicia remain silent publicly, but Isabel Rábago told this Thursday in The Ana Ros programa that the Cantabrian woman is “frankly wrong”, although they are “united” and “have not separated for a minute” since the controversy broke out.

“They are absolutely together and he takes responsibility for everything. It is not true that Jorge has left the house, he is with his wife 24 hours a day and he has not lied to Alicia, she knows everything from moment one, but they have spoken of the situation in private,” he revealed.