Jorge Pérez and Alicia Peña will denounce ‘Sálvame’ and whoever talks about their privacy

After the explosive affair of Jorge Perez con Alba Carrillo at the Unicorn producer’s Christmas party, her marriage to Alice Pena is enduring a barrage of public onslaught through television. the ex of fonsi grandson underwent a polygraph in Save me Deluxe and acknowledged that there was “resolved sexual tension.” The collaborator and his wife have had enough, they have sent a legal document in which they demand that they stop talking about his “personal and intimate” life, and threaten to take legal action against the Mediaset program.

By means of a burofax, the former civil guard and his wife explain how much the explosive revelations of the former model are affecting them, their rights to honor and image, and the rest of their relatives, offering details of her night of passion.

With the intention of protecting his environment, the winner of survivors and his wife have made it clear that they are determined to take legal action against anyone who continues to talk about them, be it a person or a television program.

Jorge and his family are hearing everything from the happy party of the producer, in which, according to Alba Carrillo, she was not the only one who wanted to “benefit” him that night. Her companions on the sets Beatriz Jarrin y Christina Porta “They had the intention of ending the night with Jorge López, but he wanted to be with me. They did not have that luck,” said the collaborator precisely in Save me.

He also denounced that he had received a lot of pressure for his appearance that night on the program, and expressed his concern about the possibility of ending up sued: “They are veiled threats, court issues, complaints… There are collaborators who have said that he is preparing a lawsuit I have had a lot of pressure because it bothers me that I am here today. They are afraid that I will tell the truth, “the collaborator snapped without any blush.

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Carrillo opened Pandora’s box in the program by explaining that she was very clear that Jorge was not going to end in “nothing serious”, although she acknowledged that the “affair” for a collaborator included the proposal to go with her to Paris, which his leaking came from even longer, even from when Pérez’s wife was pregnant with their fourth child.

All these revelations, according to the woman from Madrid, were made with “empathy” towards the deceived wife, for which he even dared to advise her: “If I were his wife, with him, of course, I would not stay, but for being a coward. I I empathize with Alicia and it hurts me to have done this damage, but you have to understand that it hurts me when they try to put the dead on me, “he snapped in the program without ruffling his hair.