This Monday the presenter turned his Chinese Stories in a memory of Save merecovering some of its mythical companions. Belen Esteban y Lydia Lozano have connected live with Jorge Javier Vazquez from the door of the church where the funeral of María Teresa Campos, teacher and companion of all of them at some point in their television career, was held. “Her daughters can be proud, it was a very nice funeral,” she said.

Belén Esteban was moved remembering the woman from Malaga: “She was the first to interview me on television. I have many memories with her, but I stick with one, the day of my wedding, a photograph I took with her and my mother My mother is 80 years old and the death of María Teresa has affected her greatly. She told me ‘Daughter, I have prayed a lot for her.’ Belén could not accompany the family on September 5, when María Teresa died: “she was very far from Spain.”

For her part, Lydia said that it had been a farewell worthy of María Teresa: “The mayor, ministers, friends have come… I have missed you, Jorge, I know you are working but I know that you loved her very much and I wish you could have come.” He, saddened, confessed to them: “Now that I see you together I realize how much I miss you.” “And we to you,” they responded.

Jorge Javier left Save me days after the news of its cancellation came to light last May. She did it with a medical leave and left Belén and company ‘alone’ facing a painful shipwreck after 13 years on the air. He has returned to Mediaset with the start of the new course while they traveled to Miami, where they documented his job search abroad for Netflix.