Jorge Javier Vazquez fell surrendered to Tamara Falco when the Marchioness of Griñón entered their program live by phone to thank them for their “investigative work” on Inigo Onieva. The good connection between the two parties has lasted little, since the presenter has shown on Monday his indignation at Tamara’s latest statements at a congress on the traditional family in Mexico, which was held this weekend.

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There, the daughter of Isabel Preysler offered some controversial statements: “Now we are experiencing a very complicated moment for humanity, there are so many different types of sexualities, there are so many different places where evil can be exercised…”.

For Jorge, what Tamara has done in Mexico is to publicly launch a whole hate speech against the LGTBIQ+ collective: “Tamara, indeed the world is becoming a worse world because of people like you, who think like you, who demonize a sexuality which is not the one you have, which is the heterosexual one”.

The presenter has given his own experiences as an example: “I am 52 years old, I have suffered a lot for being gay, I have lived my first sexual experiences in the dark because there were people like you who did not accept me.”

His criticism of Tamara and her message has been clear: “Now people have to fight because they are free and can demonstrate and go have fun wherever they want. But as long as there are people like you who demonize freedom and freedom of choice of what you like and don’t like, the world is going to be a worse place. And you, in this Congress, what you have done has been to spread hate and sow hate.”

Finally, he pointed out: “You are a harmful and harmful element for this society. And now, at 52 years of age, I am not going to allow people like you, and organizations like Make yourself Heard, to come here to send us back to darkness and sadness and depression… We are not going to allow it, Tamara, we are going to be against people like you and the people around you”.

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In said meeting, for example, the leader of Hazte Oír, an ultra-Catholic and ultra-conservative Spanish association that has starred in a series of controversial campaigns against abortion, gender-based violence or the LGTBIQ+ collective, also participated. Tamara has become the great protagonist of the social chronicle in recent weeks for breaking up with Íñigo Onieva after the video of her kiss with another. The attitude of the daughter of Carlos Falcó was applauded for not gloating over the drama and talking about what happened in a natural way before the press. However, she has once again turned against a large part of the public for comments like this.