Jorge Javier works the great disaster: Antena 3 already has more audience than Telecinco and Cuatro combined

The Mediafest of Jorge Javier Vazquez and company has triggered all the alarms this Saturday after learning that the program did not even reach double digits this Friday, while The voice, With a stratospheric 21.8%, it more than doubles Telecinco’s option on Antena 3. The humiliation for Mediaset is even greater if we take into account that La Sexta crushes Cuatro, so that if we compare the two main chains of Paul Vasily Compared to the two most viewed of their competition, we find that they add up to 23.8% of the audience compared to 15.6% of their rivals. In other words, Antena 3 surpasses by more than one point, with only one channel, the sum of the audiences of Telecinco and Cuatro together.

Because if the end of The voice It has had no rival on the night of December 16, 2022, setting a season high and gathering an average of 2,014,000 viewers, Telecinco’s extremely poor Mediafest registers 9.2%, without reaching double digits.

In Mediafest Night Fever they become the artists who accompany him or the artists to whom they pay homage. But, far from the humor and good vibes of other formats of this type, Jorge Javier imposes and encourages tension and bad vibes among the participants. This Friday, for example, they put as the main ingredient the umpteenth poisoned dart of Ana Maria Aldon a Jose Ortega Cano, and they also tried to take advantage of the absence of Alba Carrillo, against which Jorge Javier’s workmate, Adela González launched a poisonous “Thank you for nothing”, live. It was at the beginning of the program when the presenter launched her arrows against Feliciano López’s ex (in fashion due to her publicized crazy night with a married civil guard with four children). Alba Carrillo after deciding at the last moment not to continue participating in the Mediafest Night Fever, received the attacks: “He has not lasted a week as a contestant,” Adela hammered away. “It is very ugly to leave behind an entire team that leaves their skin to do this program,” the presenter reproached him live, stressing Adela González that others “are professionals.”

Another source of tension Jorge Javier Vazquez and company had marked on the rundown, hoping to make some audience, exploiting the morbidity of bad vibes, it was the poisoned dart of Ana Maria Aldon to Jose Ortega Cano. The Andalusian returned to the stage together with the singer Hugo Salazar to interpret Resistiré by the Dúo Dinámico: “It is my motto”, confessed the very heavy ex-wife of Ortega Cano, who has found in her personal drama the perfect vein to subscribe to half of Telecinco programs. “I’m better, I’ve received a lot of love,” commented the woman from Sanlúcar.

Lydia Lozano, expelled

“You don’t have to be alone to feel alone, but now a hard stage is coming, but I will resist. I will become iron to harden my skin. It’s just that I’ve been made of iron since I was little. There are no more blows. I have a lot of rage inside. I hope that people understand why they call me cold, I became iron”, said Aldón, emphasizing his pain in the ass of family drama, exploited to satiety and whose low interest at this point could partly explain the historic audience bump that has led to Antena 3 to make more audience with a single channel than the sum of Telecinco and Cuatro combined.

Lydia Lozano was the new expelled from Mediafest Night Fever:Finally: with 56% of the votes, the Mediafest Night Fever audience kicked out the journalist pointed out for the scandal involving the daughter of Albano and Romina, the issue that haunts her.