javier javier has been very critical of the attitude of Anabel Pantoja after the singer’s niece call last wednesday Save me and complained about the coverage that was given to his father’s funeral, Bernardowho died on Friday, November 25 at the age of 69 in Seville.

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In Anabel’s opinion, the La Fábrica de la Tele program “has no respect” and they have not let her father “rest in peace.” “What do people care about the relationship my father had twenty years ago? I’m disappointed with the coverage that’s been done since Friday, there’s no respect for a partner,” she said angrily.

This Thursday, the man from Badalona spoke about it: “It worries me that Anabel always calls us to tell us off. There are confidences that are disgusting because a whole team is working behind and you are ruining their work.”

“Don’t call and turn off the TV. Anabel Pantoja has a serious problem, she takes her last name for a walk when she feels like it but when she talks about her family, she wants royal family treatment and that’s not it,” said the Telecinco presenter .