Jorge Javier Vázquez, in full swing, marks a theatrical night of ‘Aladdin’ with Rocío Carrasco

it is missing Mediaset since May 17. We have not seen Jorge Javier Vazquez nor in front of Save me ni de survivors. It was this Thursday the 25th when he appeared accompanied by Rocio Carrasco at the Coliseum Theater in Madrid. They went to see the musical Aladdin. Jorge was very smiling.

A few days ago, the chain responded to the rumors and issued a statement informing that the presenter is on “temporary leave due to medical prescription” and wishing him “a speedy recovery” to resume normalcy as soon as possible.

Carlos Sobera, his replacement at the gala survivors A week ago, he revealed that Jorge was “unwell”. “Nothing is wrong. He is at home relaxed, recovered and next Thursday he will be here” he assured. But it has not been like that, since the communicator has not presented the reality show this Thursday as expected either.

However, he is not ‘disappeared’, since he has been seen a few hours ago enjoying a very special plan with Rocío Carrasco. Smiling, which has once again unleashed rumors about the reasons for his medical leave, Jorge Javier has appeared in the musical, in the middle of Madrid’s Gran Vía, without clarifying the reason for his absence on the small screen.

Wasting complicity with the daughter of Rocío Jurado -without the company of Fidel Albiac and very favored with black horn-rimmed glasses- the presenter has reassured with this unexpected appearance, about which carefree and with very good appearance -at least apparently- he has avoided making statements.