With the hashtag #MisionAbolición, Jorge Javier Vázquez was placed in the front line of the anti-bullfighting demonstration of the PACMA Party that took place in the Plaza de Las Ventas, in Madrid, on September 24. “Animals need people like you,” they launched from the organization. The presenter, who had already announced in Save me, that he would join the cause, did not disappoint and spoke of “torture” and “cruelty” in the bullrings.

Vázquez, at the foot of the banner in front of Las Ventas, spoke of bullfighting as “a type of show” that “formed part of the culture of this country”, but now “it is no longer culture”. Jorge also stressed that “the relationship with the animal world has changed.” And he settled his opinion with a resounding: “We have to have a conscience ready to start not attending these shows where torture and cruelty is a party, and cannot be considered a party.”

Pilar Eyre, a great friend of the presenter, has launched a wave of words of affection and support for him on her networks. “That pride!”