This Wednesday, Jorge Javier Vazquez has woken up with a new devastating piece of information that leaves the hearings of his Chinese Stories below 6%, absolute minimum. But the presenter faces this debacle with irony and a certain humor and speaks on his blog about his problems at Mediaset: “There is a greater tragedy than releasing a program “You’re going to go from Monday to Thursday and after the first week they call you to tell you that you can now take Thursdays off,” he asks. “They’ve skipped us on Thursdays,” he laments.

The Badalonese, who admits seeing in TardeAr a Ana Rosa Quintana but also be unfaithful to her chain partner with Sonsoles Onega In the advertising, he says that the television drama he is going through is much worse than the amnesty: “Felipe González and Alfonso Guerra appear demanding focus (…) and they are like Bertín Osborne and Arévalo in a political version,” he explains. “When I see people on television talking about the amnesty I think: ‘You have to see how it shows that they have no real problems to face,’ he says in his magazine article Readings. “If things like mine happened to them, I can tell you that the amnesty would take a backseat,” he adds. “You will understand that at this moment the amnesty does not occupy a prominent place in my existential playlist,” he says. “When I see so many talk shows talking apocalyptically about the amnesty I think: ‘How can you tell they haven’t taken a program away from them.'”